Privacy Statement

Like you we hate reading legal stuff, and we hate writing it, but we have to have a Privacy Statement, especially since the EU introduced the rights to privacy and to be forgotten, aka GDPR.

Our site has:
   No profiling
   No selling your details
   May have advertising.

We do use HotJar ( to track what people access on our site and to facilitate feedback from them.

This is a personal family history site that has more to do with dead people than living. However, we do have some live ones and they will keep arriving. So let’s keep it short and to the point shall we? Here goes.
This is a non-commercial family history site that may contain details of living people resident in the EU. For privacy purposes, all of their details are not displayed to people who access the site unless they apply for a user registration and are logged-in.
All known details of living people are visible to logged-in users. User accounts are only supplied to family members by application to the site administrator.
Personal information is only used for creating a family history. Details of living people are not shared with third parties for any purpose and this site does not carry out any marketing to individuals.

People may request:

  • Details of the information held about them, their children under the age of 16 or anyone for whom they hold power of attorney.
  • They may also request the removal of that information, either partially or entirely.
    This applies to living people only.
Requests should be made to the site administrator.

The site administrator is:
Chris Lloyd
Please use the contact form to request further information: