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Nelson, New Zealand


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Latitude: -41.2706319, Longitude: 173.28396529999998


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Askew, Eliza Reubena  2 Sep 1854Nelson, New Zealand I1233
2 Askew, Elizabeth  5 Nov 1850Nelson, New Zealand I1235
3 Askew, Isabella  4 Dec 1856Nelson, New Zealand I1232
4 Askew, Joanna  13 Sep 1852Nelson, New Zealand I1234
5 Askew, Thomas Alexander  31 Jul 1859Nelson, New Zealand I1231
6 Ching, Eliza  Abt 1863Nelson, New Zealand I1357
7 Cresswell, William Roy  c Apr 1887Nelson, New Zealand I3930
8 Field, Ernest Horatio  18 May 1890Nelson, New Zealand I3073
9 Field, Harold Douglas  28 Aug 1893Nelson, New Zealand I3075
10 Field, Leslie Gordon  3 May 1888Nelson, New Zealand I3072
11 Field, Reginal Lawrence  13 Jul 1886Nelson, New Zealand I3071
12 Field, Sydney Clarence  2 Mar 1892Nelson, New Zealand I3074
13 Jeffries, Charles Lucas  Abt 1859Nelson, New Zealand I1151
14 Lucas, Albert Augustus JP  26 Jan 1865Nelson, New Zealand I1365
15 Lucas, Albert Josiah  22 May 1870Nelson, New Zealand I3086
16 Lucas, Alice Annette  Abt 1868Nelson, New Zealand I2653
17 Lucas, Arthur Pritchard  Abt 1863Nelson, New Zealand I1366
18 Lucas, Charles Clifton  6 Jan 1865Nelson, New Zealand I1177
19 Lucas, Charles William  29 Jan 1854Nelson, New Zealand I1106
20 Lucas, Crosbie Ward  6 Dec 1870Nelson, New Zealand I1174
21 Lucas, Ellen Elizabeth  1 Dec 1849Nelson, New Zealand I1107
22 Lucas, George Leonard  1873Nelson, New Zealand I1173
23 Lucas, Harriett Alice  21 Apr 1876Nelson, New Zealand I1162
24 Lucas, Joseph Samuel  8 Aug 1851Nelson, New Zealand I55
25 Lucas, Kathleen Ursula  30 Aug 1890Nelson, New Zealand I3091
26 Lucas, Lucy  1874Nelson, New Zealand I1172
27 Muncaster, Bertha Rankin  10 Jun 1886Nelson, New Zealand I1335
28 Muncaster, Ella  25 Apr 1892Nelson, New Zealand I1333
29 Muncaster, Emily Mylrea  7 Oct 1880Nelson, New Zealand I1337
30 Muncaster, Ernest  13 Jul 1887Nelson, New Zealand I1334
31 Muncaster, Eva  27 Oct 1877Nelson, New Zealand I1338
32 Muncaster, Ferdinand William  12 Apr 1873Nelson, New Zealand I1341
33 Muncaster, Mylrea Elizabeth  9 Mar 1883Nelson, New Zealand I1336
34 Powick, Eliza Lucy  29 Sep 1883Nelson, New Zealand I1120
35 Rankin, Jane Elizabeth  15 Nov 1852Nelson, New Zealand I1226
36 Rankin, Richard Cobden  1897Nelson, New Zealand I1354
37 Sheppard, Ida Lee  Abt 1877Nelson, New Zealand I2128
38 Smith, Miriam (Minnie)  1868Nelson, New Zealand I3056
39 Wilson, David  23 Sep 1879Nelson, New Zealand I1348
40 Wilson, James George  17 Nov 1880Nelson, New Zealand I1347


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bateman, Mary  13 Sep 1895Nelson, New Zealand I1216
2 Blick, George  10 May 1891Nelson, New Zealand I2665
3 Blick, Thomas  28 Nov 1860Nelson, New Zealand I2667
4 Brown, Harriet  11 Mar 1899Nelson, New Zealand I2666
5 Burroughs, John  8 Dec 1913Nelson, New Zealand I2281
6 Burton, Frances  Abt 1971Nelson, New Zealand I2277
7 Caldwell, Elizabeth  15 Oct 1879Nelson, New Zealand I1188
8 Calvert, Eric Stewart  8 Feb 2000Nelson, New Zealand I4053
9 Cunninghame, Arthur Frederick  13 Nov 1902Nelson, New Zealand I3078
10 Duncan, Olive Christina  21 May 1994Nelson, New Zealand I3154
11 Field, Alice Mabel  25 Jun 1926Nelson, New Zealand I3088
12 Gay, Hannah Anna  21 Dec 1871Nelson, New Zealand I2668
13 Hill, Emily  9 Oct 1913Nelson, New Zealand I1104
14 Hollis, Joseph  Nelson, New Zealand I1083
15 Hurd, Elizabeth Ann  23 Jul 1848Nelson, New Zealand I1105
16 Lucas, Albert Augustus JP  22 Nov 1939Nelson, New Zealand I1365
17 Lucas, Arthur Pritchard  31 Jan 1950Nelson, New Zealand I1366
18 Lucas, Charles Clifton  Bef 10 Jul 1892Nelson, New Zealand I1177
19 Lucas, Charles Stepenson  17 Sep 1973Nelson, New Zealand I3153
20 Lucas, Clara Matilda  21 Feb 1935Nelson, New Zealand I1368
21 Lucas, Ella Gertrude  1 Jun 1956Nelson, New Zealand I1175
22 Lucas, George Leonard  11 Jan 1896Nelson, New Zealand I1173
23 Lucas, Harry Gordon  24 Dec 1928Nelson, New Zealand I1171
24 Lucas, Herbert James (Innes)  21 Aug 1862Nelson, New Zealand I2652
25 Lucas, John Hurd  22 Jun 1858Nelson, New Zealand I1102
26 Lucas, Kathleen Ursula  4 Nov 1963Nelson, New Zealand I3091
27 Lucas, Kenneth Gordon  24 Jun 1940Nelson, New Zealand I3090
28 Lucas, Olive Eva Mariam  14 Apr 1969Nelson, New Zealand I1087
29 Lucas, Robert  9 May 1876Nelson, New Zealand I1110
30 Muncaster, Ella  1 Aug 1963Nelson, New Zealand I1333
31 Muncaster, Emily Mylrea  7 Aug 1882Nelson, New Zealand I1337
32 Muncaster, Eva  16 Jun 1947Nelson, New Zealand I1338
33 Muncaster, George  30 Oct 1917Nelson, New Zealand I1342
34 Norton, Eric Ronald Harford  12 Aug 1973Nelson, New Zealand I2276
35 Oakley, Julia  1937Nelson, New Zealand I3064
36 Pritchard, Elizabeth Anne  30 Apr 1915Nelson, New Zealand I1370
37 Rankin, Alexander  23 Jan 1866Nelson, New Zealand I1228
38 Rankin, Alexander  24 Aug 1867Nelson, New Zealand I1189
39 Rankin, Alexander Gough  6 Aug 1988Nelson, New Zealand I1353
40 Rankin, Andrew  24 Dec 1889Nelson, New Zealand I1195
41 Rankin, Carlotto Ida  23 Sep 1978Nelson, New Zealand I1355
42 Rankin, Erina Elizabeth  24 Aug 1979Nelson, New Zealand I1356
43 Rankin, Mary  Sep 1942Nelson, New Zealand I1224
44 Rankin, Reubena  14 Feb 1920Nelson, New Zealand I1190
45 Rankin, William  5 Jan 1882Nelson, New Zealand I1191
46 Schmidt, Frederick  1919Nelson, New Zealand I3052
47 Smith, James Powick  8 Aug 1902Nelson, New Zealand I3055
48 Wilson, Edward Harold  20 Dec 1978Nelson, New Zealand I1343


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Lucas, Robert  19 Mar 1859Nelson, New Zealand I1110
2 Pritchard, Elizabeth Anne  19 Mar 1859Nelson, New Zealand I1370


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Hillock, Robert  28 Mar 1855Nelson, New Zealand I1362


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military-Begin    Person ID 
1 Field, Ernest Horatio  25 May 1917Nelson, New Zealand I3073
2 Jeffries, Percy Lewis  13 Apr 1917Nelson, New Zealand I1144


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Lucas, Albert Augustus JP  1917Nelson, New Zealand I1365
2 Lucas, Robert  1860Nelson, New Zealand I1110
3 Lucas, Robert  5 Mar 1866Nelson, New Zealand I1110


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Rankin, Alexander Gough  1957Nelson, New Zealand I1353
2 Rankin, Alexander Gough  1978Nelson, New Zealand I1353
3 Rankin, Carlotto Ida  1919Nelson, New Zealand I1355
4 Rankin, Erina Elizabeth  1935Nelson, New Zealand I1356
5 Rankin, Erina Elizabeth  1963Nelson, New Zealand I1356
6 Rankin, James Guyer  1914Nelson, New Zealand I1223


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Askew / Rankin  03 Jul 1849Nelson, New Zealand F485
2 Cunninghame / Lucas  5 Oct 1881Nelson, New Zealand F519
3 Field / Lucas  20 Jul 1874Nelson, New Zealand F520
4 Hillock / Lucas  8 Jan 1859Nelson, New Zealand F460
5 Jeffries / Lucas  11 Jun 1857Nelson, New Zealand F470
6 Lucas / Blick  26 Mar 1867Nelson, New Zealand F468
7 Lucas / Field  7 Apr 1887Nelson, New Zealand F518
8 Lucas / Oakley  27 Apr 1886Nelson, New Zealand F517
9 Lucas / Walker  1849Nelson, New Zealand F53
10 Sheppard / Lucas  24 May 1876Nelson, New Zealand F479