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Leicester, Leicestershire, England



Latitude: 52.6368778, Longitude: -1.1397591999999577


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Goddard), Sarah Ann Vivian  1850Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3006
2 Bird, Julia Elizabeth  27 May 1896Leicester, Leicestershire, England I47
3 Gambel, Ernest Ed  Abt 1892Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1263
4 Gillson, Madeleine Florence Goode  22 Apr 1909Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2174
5 Gillson, Phyllis Kathleen  Abt 1900Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2175
6 Gimson, Benjamin  Abt 1681Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1316
7 Gimson, George  1687Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1314
8 Gimson, John  Abt 1607Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1326
9 Gimson, Mary  Abt 1609Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1325
10 Gimson, Robert  Abt 1621Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1328
11 Gimson, Thomas  Abt 1619Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1318
12 Gimson, William  Abt 1578Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1324
13 Goddard, Marjorie  5 Jul 1920Leicester, Leicestershire, England I227
14 Goddard, Samuel  1878Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3007
15 Goddard, Sarah  1879Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3008
16 Hand, Barbara E  3rd Qtr 1927Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3883
17 Hand, Charles  22 Feb 1880Leicester, Leicestershire, England I309
18 Hand, Clifford C  1921Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3890
19 Hand, Cyril John  8 May 1923Leicester, Leicestershire, England I16
20 Hand, Elsie  2 Aug 1913Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3889
21 Hand, George Henry  22 Oct 1907Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3888
22 Hand, Gilbert Henry  2nd Qtr 1925Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3882
23 Hand, Harold  24 Dec 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3886
24 Hand, Harry  12 Feb 1865Leicester, Leicestershire, England I240
25 Hand, Ida Jessie  1 Oct 1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I249
26 Hand, James Henry  25 Dec 1887Leicester, Leicestershire, England I250
27 Hand, James William  19 Jan 1877Leicester, Leicestershire, England I307
28 Hand, Janis L  3rd Qtr 1954Leicester, Leicestershire, England I245
29 Hand, John Downton (Jack)  28 Jun 1896Leicester, Leicestershire, England I46
30 Hand, John Talbot  29 Jul 1866Leicester, Leicestershire, England I301
31 Hand, June M  1 Jun 1925Leicester, Leicestershire, England I238
32 Hand, Linda M  2nd Qtr 1947Leicester, Leicestershire, England I244
33 Hand, Maurice Henry  26 Dec 1919Leicester, Leicestershire, England I239
34 Hand, Walter  19 Jan 1903Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3887
35 Leadbeater, Lucy  Abt 1886Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2188
36 Masters, Douglas Cliff  24 Mar 1918Leicester, Leicestershire, England I230
37 Minard, Lily  19 Nov 1882Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3885
38 Rudkin, Caroline  Abt 1837Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2526
39 Rudkin, James  1757Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2533
40 Rudkin, Richard  Abt 1826Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2530
41 Rudkin, Sarah  Abt 1829Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2529
42 Steward, Dorothy  Abt 1646Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1311
43 Stone, Emma  Abt Jul 1851Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3264
44 Stone, Thomas  Abt 1824Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3270
45 Ward, Mary  1753Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2532
46 Westbury, Harry  Abt 1869Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bird, Julia Elizabeth  3rd Qtr 1969Leicester, Leicestershire, England I47
2 Black, Mary Ann  4th Qtr 1939Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2172
3 Downton, Elizabeth (Lilian)  Apr 1949Leicester, Leicestershire, England I241
4 Downton, John Craig  Abt Apr 1887Leicester, Leicestershire, England I297
5 Fowkes, Harold  16 Oct 2001Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1936
6 Gilbert, Winifred Eveline  25 Jan 1977Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3881
7 Gilson, Selina  c Jan 1893Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2170
8 Goddard, Irving E  Dec 1916Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3366
9 Goddard, Marjorie  17 Oct 1997Leicester, Leicestershire, England I227
10 Hand, Charles  30 Oct 1973Leicester, Leicestershire, England I309
11 Hand, Cyril John  21 Jul 1977Leicester, Leicestershire, England I16
12 Hand, George Henry  Oct 1946Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3888
13 Hand, Harold  Oct 1921Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3886
14 Hand, Harry  17 Apr 1948Leicester, Leicestershire, England I240
15 Hand, Ida Jessie  3 Oct 1959Leicester, Leicestershire, England I249
16 Hand, James Henry  20 Sep 1950Leicester, Leicestershire, England I250
17 Hand, James William  Jul 1964Leicester, Leicestershire, England I307
18 Hand, John Downton (Jack)  25 Dec 1973Leicester, Leicestershire, England I46
19 Hand, Joseph Henry  26 Sep 1890Leicester, Leicestershire, England I247
20 Hand, Maurice Henry  2000Leicester, Leicestershire, England I239
21 Hand, Walter  Oct 1924Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3887
22 Masters, Douglas Cliff  May 1997Leicester, Leicestershire, England I230
23 Mee, Florence  Oct 1983Leicester, Leicestershire, England I107
24 Minard, Lily  Jan 1948Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3885
25 Noble, Priscilla  18 Mar 1842Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2523
26 Rawlings, Emma  Jun 1938Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2937
27 Rawlings, William  12 Oct 1905Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2936
28 Roulston, John Edward  23 Jan 1996Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1915
29 Roulston, Sybil  Abt Feb 2000Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1917
30 Rudkin, Ann  Abt 1898Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2531
31 Westbury, Harry  Abt 1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1273
32 Westbury, Henry  28 Oct 1851Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1240


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939    Person ID 
1 Goddard, Marjorie  29 Sep 1939Leicester, Leicestershire, England I227
2 Goddard, Thomas William (Edward)  29 Sep 1939Leicester, Leicestershire, England I106
3 Mee, Florence  29 Sep 1939Leicester, Leicestershire, England I107

Census 1901

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 1901    Person ID 
1 Gillson, Phyllis Kathleen  31 Mar 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2175
2 Goddard, Caroline Harriett  31 Mar 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3018


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military-Begin    Person ID 
1 Hand, Charles  1915Leicester, Leicestershire, England I309


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Hand, Harry  4 Nov 1948Leicester, Leicestershire, England I240
2 Hand, Ida Jessie  10 Nov 1959Leicester, Leicestershire, England I249


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Gillson, Madeleine Florence Goode  2 Apr 1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2174
2 Gillson, Phyllis Kathleen  2 Apr 1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2175
3 Gilson, Herbert John  2 Apr 1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2163
4 Goode, Annie Marriott  2 Apr 1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2177


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bainbridge / Hand  3rd Qtr 1950Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1067
2 Gamble / Westbury  Abt 1886Leicester, Leicestershire, England F497
3 Goddard / Mee  Oct 1921Leicester, Leicestershire, England F22
4 Hand / Bird  Jun 1918Leicester, Leicestershire, England F21
5 Hand / Downton  21 May 1888Leicester, Leicestershire, England F46
6 Hand / Hyden  19 Feb 1898Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1070
7 Hand / Meakin  3rd Qtr 1945Leicester, Leicestershire, England F164
8 Hand / Minard  3rd Qtr 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1069
9 Masters /   Mar 1943Leicester, Leicestershire, England F159
10 Masters / Goddard  Abt Feb 1943Leicester, Leicestershire, England F157
11 Morris / Hand  3rd Qtr 1948Leicester, Leicestershire, England F163